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To become a leader in the filed of Molecular Structure Design,
Technology and Application Innovation of Polyamide Material!
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Supported by a world-class professional technical team, EPONE is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to new material industry of polyamide (nylon and PA) and the promotion of technological innovation for polyamide material (nylon and PA). The company was founded in 2004, passed ISO 9001 Certification in 2005 and ISO#TS 16949 Certification in 2007, honored with “Certificate of National High-Tech Enterprise” in 2011 and listed in New OTC(Over the Counter) Market on January 24, 2014 As many as 20 patents of invention have been successfully applied for, including multiple aspects of special nylon such as synthesis, functional modification and manufacturing process.The company undertook, one after another, three national projects, a special project for guidance of Guangdong high-tech enterprise and a major project in Dongguan. “Special Nylon Material Engineering Technology Center”, the self-built laboratory, is identified as“Dongguan Engineering Technology Center”.

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